Chateau de la rochelambert Forteresse de polignac Chateau de lavoute polignac

                Cloitre roman lavaudieu


   Les Sucs volcaniques de Meygal

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2 km away from our establishement (on foot) 

Local curiosity "The Crouzilhac druidic rock"

Roche druidique de Crouzilhac à Tence

Millenial rock where druids made sacrifices

Cupules taillée dans la roche             Cupules à saignées

More information: La roche druidique de Crouzilhac


The touristic steam train "La Galoche"
Velay express

Starting from Tence


Within a 15 minutes drive

La base nautique de Lavalette

The dam and the beautiful Lavalette Lake with it's nautical base and beach
(it can be circled on foot, mountainbike on a marked hiking trail)
Lake, bathing, canoes and sailing school in Lavalette


Lac bleu

The blue lake and it's miniature park

The Devesset lake and it's beach (Ardéche)

Templar Commandery of Devesset (Ardéche).

At 20-30 minutes ...

The St Bonnet-le-froid village and its famouse mushroom fair on early November,
and also its 3 stars restaurant with Chef Régis Marcon.


Massif du Meygal, vue au sommet du Testavoyre

Meygal volcanic massif at 20 minutes


Les Sucs volcaniques depuis le sommet du Lizieux

 The Lizieux 1400m peak and its botanical route and orientation table, 
amazing view on the Alps and the Velay volcanic landcapes


Les Sucs volcaniques de Meygal

The Meygal volcanos(young Pelean volcanos)


Le village de Queyrières

The typical Queyrières village buit on the foot of an old volcano with basaltic orgues

The Testavoyre volcano and the pierres du Villaret river

40 minutes away ...

Around St Front

The Bigorres and Moudeyres thatched cottages


La ferme des frères Perrel à Moudeyres

The Perrel brothers farm

 The St Front Lake
Auvergne's highest volcanic crater

The Narces and the Chaudeyrolles waterfall (high place of Fin Gras)


Le Mont Mezenc 1753 m

The Mezenc mountain massif at 40 mn:
The mount Mezenc ascension at 1753 m

45 minutes to 1 h 15

Vue du Puy en Velay

The Puy-en-Velay town designated World heritage site by the UNESCO

The Estables typical village
Highest central massif hilltop village at 1400m high and it's ski station

The Couteaux troglodyte village

The Corboeuf ravine
(Haute-Loire's thumbnail colorado)

Gorges de la Loire
(recreational zone, canoe...)
departure at Puy-en-Velay to Aurec sur Loire.

Rochelambert castle in Saint-Paulien

The Polignac fortress

The chibottes trail
(five dry stone bories)
near Puy-en -Velay.

La pinatelle du zouave
(pine forest)
near Puy-en-Velay.

more than 1 h 15 away

Mount Gerbier-de-Jonc and the Loire sources 1 h 15

 The Ray-Pic waterfall 1 h 30

Lavaudieu roman abbey and cloiter

Bouchet lake
Crater lake at 1h15.

Allier gorges by touristic train

Rafting and canoe dans in the Allier gorges

Gévaudan Beast museum
and the Saugues village 1h45

Arlempdes ranked on of the most beautiful villages in France
"First Loire castle"
The Arlempdes site