From Tence we access to the "Moulin de la papeterie" through a small road
which ends by the Saintiago de Compostela hiking trail and around the Lavalette Lake.
On the edge of the path stands the former papermill surrounded by its green bower.
We are 2 kms away from Tence, there are no fences here nor barriers, only pure nature...
South is the tree lined garden with its spa and nature sauna borded by the "Trifoulou" stream
children love to wade in it and build dams, it is filled with brown trouts and crayfishes.
East is the stream again, meandering through the green pasture,
the perfect spot for a nap or meditation, rocks, waterfall, natural and savage landscapes ...

West, the GR65 trail and around the lake, below is the "Lignon" river, ranked 1st category,
the road is used by cyclists, horsemen and Santiago de Compostela pilgrims.
North, the hill with granite rocks and its fir forest, area filled with ferns,
blueberries and mushrooms.
For the horse or poney rides, the Tagada ranch is only 400m from the former Mill. 

la petite route qui conduit à la Papeterie le gîte de la Papeterie le jardin devant la maison 

 petite cascade en sous bois à l'Ouest:la rivière Lignon à 50m de la maison,réputée pour ses truites farios le sentier du GR65 au bord de la maison

 vue de la maison depuis le haut d'une coline vue de la maison depuis le ruisseau"trifoulou" la forêt au Nord de la maison