It is a woodfuelled, wooden outdoor balneo
It consists of a hot bubbling bath and a traditional steam sauna..


The Norwegian hot bath

 Bain norvegien 1


Atypical !
      In all seasons, for a unique couple, family or friends moment, 
    discover the thrill of a hot Norwegian bath surrounded by nature ...

 Ecological ! 
  Woodfuelled at a 38-40°c temperature.


Relaxing !
       With numerous air bubbles for a soft back hydromassage.
    Equipped with chromotherapy for colourful light effects transcending your body and mind.

The benefits ! 
During a hot bubble bath session, the hot water and air bubbles have an immediate relaxing effect
and the perceived well-being helps reducing stress, muscular tensions,
 relieves joint inflammations for arthrosis suffering people, lumbar pain,
back stiffnessde, it also stimulates the blood flow and improves sleep quality ...


Coupe de champagne 2 198x250 1 1 

A Couple getaway !
If you are seeking an unusual and unforgettable experience then you should try a private bubbling hot bath session surrounded by forest and under a starry sky with a glass of champaign...


  Bain Nordique en nocturne

After breathing the pure air of the plateau and wandered on the hiking trails on foot or with a bike, offer yourself a relaxing and well deserved treat !!


 Bain nordique quel rituel 2Nordic bath, what ritual?


Bain Nordique à remous

Other benefits of the nordic bath

Terms of use (french only)


Traditional woodfuelled steam sauna

Sauna finlandais 2


A unique well-being with the woodfuelled igloo sauna,
the fire show and enveloping steam heat,
the rest in the longchairs along the stream ...

The steam sauna benefits:
The heat in the sauna and the successive hot-cold transitions

have significative benefits on the body.

A relaxing effect: 
A sauna session is very efficient to counter
stress and tension
The heat compels the body to release endorphins,
favoring well-beiçing and

A purifying effect:
  The sauna heat causes an important sweat
and also skin pores to expand.
This allows to
evict toxins that the body has accumulated

The muscular and cardiovascular effect: 
By expanding the
blood vessels, the sauna helps the cardiovascular system

to function effectively.
It also helps maintaining the blood pressure to a low level.
By increasing the blood flow speed, it eases
muscular aches and other sorenesses.

Immune defenses improvement:  
The sauna sets the body in an artificial fever state thanks to the high temperature. 
Fever stiulates the immune defense system and leads to an increased white blood cell and antibodies production.
With a regular use, the sauna would allow a influenza epidemics protection


Skin's beauty: 
By dilating the pores, the sauna allows your skin to evacuate its toxines. 
It also softens the skin and improves its elasticity.
The cold shower then tightens the skin pores, therefore improving its appearence.


The wooden igloo sauna surrounded by nature


A traditional sauna session is practised in 2 or 3 passes
(10 to 15 minutes each) at an approximative temperature of 80°c.
You water the bburning volcanic stones with a mix of fresh water and essential oils in order to obtain a perfumed steam and a 30% humidity hygrometry.
Each pass is first followed by a cold shower or a snow bath during the winter seasons for the bravest and then by a 10 minutes rest in the sauna's locker or near the stream outside.

If you have never tried the finnish sauna,

Pascal will gladly initiate you.

Attention, the sauna isn't recommended to people suffering of heart problems, asthma or skin diseases.

For hygienic reasons, a shower is mandatory before any sauna session.
The minimal age for a sauna session is 16 years.

For more information you can click on the following link: What are the benefits of the sauna

Only on reservation by e-mail or phone :+33 6 61 93 44 79

These facilities are reserved to the "moulin de la Papeterie" customers exclusively.


Fotolia massage 2

  Grant yourself a unique well-being and relaxation moment...

Are you seeking for a quiet and peaceful place to rejuvenate yourself far away from the city noise and stress?V
"Le Moulin de la Papeterie" offers relaxing massages on reservation.



Dsc 0904


This essential organic oil massage allows to evacuate tensions and procures a deep relaxing sensation in a felted atmosphere.

It favours movement fluidity and enveloping maneuvers.
Depending on your expectations, this massage can either be relaxing or stimulating.


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